The Ability To Start Over Chapter 30, a scandal fanfic | FanFiction

Chapter 30!! Damn this thing is getting long!! haha Again, please read, REVIEW, and pass it on!!! Mucho amor! xoxoxo

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Innocent Chapter 3, a scandal fanfic | FanFiction

I’m sorry I’ve been terrible about posting these here! This is Chapter 3 of “Innocent”. Please read it, review it, and pass it along!! I LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU ALL THINK OF THE STORY AND MY WRITING!!!

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The Ability To Start Over Chapter 28, a scandal fanfic | FanFiction



The Ability To Start Over Chapter 27, a scandal fanfic | FanFiction

Update! Please check it out and review!!!

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Part 2: How to Properly Kiss Someone Other Than Your Spouse *snort* unlessyoualreadystickingyourtongueinyourspouse’smouth

Oh ok, this is how it’s done.. I get it now. They look so uncomfortable.

This is a good lesson on kissing someone other than your spouse. Wonder if I can find a co-worker?

sweet….by and by…

This is so funny because I am involved in theatre and in high school I did all this research about what was appropriate when kissing a costar and I would always read celebs talk about how kissing was fine but they kept their tongues out of it so I always made that my rule….and then these two come along and it’s like their tongues are just all over each other all the time. Interesting…

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update about my fanfiction stories. ‘The Ability To Start Over’ will be updated sometime tonight and ‘Innocent’ will be updated sometime later this week. I’m thinking Thursday but that may change. Thanks for reading!

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The way she looks at him when he laughs….*swoon*.

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Innocent, a scandal fanfic | FanFiction

I forgot to post the link to my BRAND NEW FANFIC last night! I hope you take the time to read it and to leave me a nice review! I have big plans for this story but it is requiring a lot of research and encouragements are very much welcomed and appreciated! 

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The best part of season 3.

Tony Goldwyn in that fucking sweater will be the death of me. That man is just beautiful.

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The Ability To Start Over Chapter 26, a scandal fanfic | FanFiction

Hey chapter 26 is now up and PLEASE be on the lookout for my new fic INNOCENT. It will be posted sometime today!!!

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